Can a tow truck company tow your car if it isn’t business hours or when it’s posted to be closed?

Whether a tow truck company can tow your car outside of business hours or when it is supposed to be closed depends on several factors, including local laws, the specific circumstances of the tow, and the policies of the tow truck company. Here are some general considerations:

Private Property Towing
Signage and Authorization:
In many areas, private property owners can authorize towing companies to tow vehicles that are parked illegally on their property at any time, as long as there are clear signs indicating that unauthorized vehicles will be towed.
Business Hours: Tow truck companies often operate 24/7, especially if they service private properties, to ensure that parking rules are enforced at all times.

Public Property Towing
Parking Violations:
Vehicles parked illegally on public property (e.g., in no-parking zones, in front of fire hydrants, or blocking driveways) can typically be towed at any time, regardless of the time of day.
Law Enforcement: Police can order a vehicle to be towed at any time if it is deemed necessary for safety, law enforcement, or traffic management reasons.

Emergency Towing
Accidents or Breakdowns:
Tow trucks can be dispatched at any time to assist with vehicles that are involved in accidents or have broken down, regardless of business hours.
Local Regulations
Municipal Codes:
Local ordinances and municipal codes can dictate specific rules and restrictions regarding towing practices, including time restrictions and notification requirements.
Permits and Licensing: Tow truck companies must comply with local licensing and permit requirements, which can include rules about when they can tow vehicles.

Check Local Laws:
Review local regulations regarding towing to understand the specific rules in your area.
Signage: Observe signage in the area where you park your vehicle to ensure compliance with posted towing policies.
Contact Authorities:
If your vehicle has been towed, contact the local police department or the towing company to get information about the tow and how to retrieve your vehicle.

In conclusion, while tow truck companies often operate around the clock and can tow vehicles outside of traditional business hours, the legality and circumstances of each tow will depend on local laws and specific situations.

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